The Botfly is Not Your Ordinary Housefly

The Botfly is Not Your Ordinary Housefly

Recently a man returning from a trip to Panama found a disturbing bump on his head.  But this was no ordinary bump, this bump had something moving inside it.  Once this man became terrified enough to have his wife cut open the bump what they found was a Botfly.

Actually it was a baby Botfly, that being an enormous maggot.  This is a little off-putting to the man once he saw the size of the maggot, he could not believe that this maggot had been growing beneath his scalp for a month.  Surprisingly the man did not faint upon seeing the maggot in its magnificent enormity–he was headstrong.

The Botfly is common in Central and South American.  The Botfly land on a host and lay their eggs on the surface of the skin.  The eggs eventually burrow under the skin to allow the maggot to mature into a full Botfly.  The Botfly reproduces in this way, and if the man had been a citizen of South or Central America he may have known what it was much sooner given their commonality to the region.  The removal of the maggot can be seen in all its glory on You Tube.

What would you do if you found a bump on your head with an insect wriggling around inside?

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