Applying Lavender Oil Could “Tick” You Off

Applying Lavender Oil Could “Tick” You Off

Those people who are into lavender oil as a beneficial topical agent may have one more reason to use it–It can ward of dreaded ticks!

Although DEET may be the preferred and most effective product to ward off ticks, researchers are finding that the scent of lavender can be just as effective.  Further studies need to be conducted but lavender could potentially be even more effective at keeping ticks off your body than common repellents.

According to a recent study comparing lavender oil to DEET, researchers seem to think that lavender oil is not just effective at warding off tics, but perhaps mosquitos as well.  However, ticks were the main focus of the study while lavender oils effectiveness at warding off mosquitoes is still anecdotal, but promising.

When researchers used lavender oil at five percent concentration they found that this small amount of lavender oil kept ticks off of the subjects bodies for forty whole minutes.  This time span jumped to 2 long hours when the lavender oil concentration was increased to 10 percent.  And according to The Journal of Medical Entomology using a concoction of 30 percent lavender oil was 100 percent effective at keeping ticks from finding a home on the subjects bodies.

You may not want to throw away your DEET just yet, as it is a proven ticks repellent, but there may be something to all this therapeutic herbal business afterall.

Would you consider using lavender oil to repel ticks? Do you know of any other natural insect repellents, perhaps some old family tricks?

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