The Mysterious and Bloodthirsty Camel Spiders

The Mysterious and Bloodthirsty Camel Spiders

Now this is one particular spider you do not want to be encountering.  The giant Camel Spider is native to the Persian Gulf, and despite its well known status as a predatory spider in this region, most other earth dwelling people have never seen nor heard of this spider, and likely wish it could have stayed that way.

These Camel Spiders were treated like alien inhabitants after many soldiers serving in the Gulf Wars in Iraq in the early ‘90s and a decade later came across these monsters, often finding them in their sleeping bags.  The Spiders became somewhat of an internet sensation after several soldiers posted pictures of these behemoths on social media.  Despite their seemingly enormous size in many of these pictures, it has been discovered that camera tricks were used to make the spiders appear bigger than they really are.  But we cannot think of any reason to make them look any more terrifying than they actually are.

There are many Persian myths surrounding Camel Spider.  One such myth states that the spider earned its name because it is often responsible for immobilizing fully grown camels.  It turns out that this is not true, but this spider does boast one of the largest bodies of all spiders, and its fangs are especially enormous.  The fangs of this spider are capable of using a sawing motion to turn it victims into mulch.  Rodents and other insects are its main prey, and the Camel Spider is typically around six inches in length, moving at speeds of ten miles per hour.  Although not venomous, bites from these spiders’ enormous fangs are reported to be excruciatingly painful.

Could these spiders be burrowing in other desert areas in the world, and not just the Middle East?  It is doubtful as it likely would have been discovered by now, but if you ever find yourself camping in the Arizona Desert you may want to check your sleeping bag anyway.



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