Move Over Washington, Lincoln and GOD! Spiders Get Their Own Holiday

March 14th is not just another day anymore, it happens to be “Save a Spider Day.”  In case you did not know, somebody at some point thought it would be a good idea to devote an entire day to saving spiders.  Whether you are an arachnophobe or a spider enthusiast the idea of preventing the murder of spiders may not be a bad idea.

If you find one of the downsides of summer to be the overwhelming presence of mosquitos, and if you are getting tired of seeing your vegetable garden or houseplants partially consumed by various insects, then you may appreciate spiders more than you know.  It is well known that arachnids will consume mosquitoes that could carry devastating diseases, so spiders are our natural allies against The Zika Virus.  Also, arachnids are not interested in your vegetables, but spiders are interested in eating the small insects that feast on your baby-tomatoes.  So spiders also assist you with your gardening.

Additionally, spider venom is being extracted by researchers in order to study its effectiveness at killing off cancer cells that are responsible for breast cancer.  So, as terrible as those eight-legged creatures may seem to you arachnophobes, it may be best to let the little guys live.  National Save a Spider Day is devoted to recognizing the benefits of spiders and why we need to share this planet with them….and they were here first so they obviously have dibs in case it comes down to us or them.

Did you know about Save a Spider Day? Would you celebrate these eight-legged arachnids?


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