The Taj Mahal is Under Attack from Bug-Poop

The Taj Mahal is Under Attack from Bug-Poop

Those Indian folks just cannot seem to catch a break.  Their very own Taj-Mahal, built in the 17th century and still looking majestic, but not up close, is once again facing destruction.  It turns out that India has some issues with pollution. Well, maybe we all knew that, but in this case insects that are attracted to the polluted water outside of the Taj are flying in at night to deface the glorious inner beauty of the centuries old palace.  And no matter how long the workers struggle to restore the beauty of the inner palace, it is becoming more and more difficult to clean the walls and fine statues without defacing it themselves.

The river behind the enormous palace has become so polluted that fish can no longer survive there, and therefore, the mosquitos have free reign over the whole territory since these flying insects don’t have to worry about being eaten by fish anymore.

At night the large mosquitoes will fly inside the palace and poop all over everything as though they are making statements as political refugees.  I guess you cannot count on a bug to appreciate such grand works of construction.

Do you know of any other monuments or important buildings/places that are being destroyed by insects? What is happening to them, and what are officials going to do about it?

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