The Asian Citrus Psyllid Bug’s Love Life is About to Go Downhill

For ages the citrus farmer has been forced to tolerate the damaging existence of the Citrus Psyllid.  This bug infects citrus trees making the fruits the trees bear inedible.  Traditionally farmers have had to rely on costly insecticides that involve hours of labor to apply.  Well, now a group of mean spirited entomologists have developed a creatively effective yet cruel way to stop these bugs before they can do any damage.

The researchers invented a trap for these bugs that will produce a sound almost identical to the mating call of female Citrus Psyllid, and I think you know where this is going.  The trap will work by fooling the male Psyllid into thinking that his sex life is about to take off when he hears the irresistible love call of his female counterpart.  Once this male bug flies down to politely greet the female love partner, he will feel a fool when he sees she is nowhere to be found, but he won’t have to wallow in his broken hearted misery for long as the trap will then quickly kill the love-struck psyllid.

Whatever works works I guess.  But just when I thought a bugs sex life could not be any more cruel in its nature, humans just have to put in their part.

What do you think of this method to stop the psyllid from harming our citrus trees?


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