The TV and AC That Will Fight the Zika Virus?!

The electronics company LG is releasing a new television and air conditioner that uses ultrasonic technology to emit sound waves that will paralyze mosquitos.  The devices are being called “Mosquito Away” and are being sold for $400 and $710 for a 32-inch and 42-inch respectively.

We have all heard about the Zika virus, and this disease has not only ravaged our southern neighbors but hundreds of victims have been found in Florida as well.  As of now the TV is available at stores in India, but it is only a matter of time before our Wal-Mart’s are stocked full of them.

The air conditioner works by emitting an ultrasonic wave frequency of 30 kHz, which is harmless to humans but deadly to mosquitoes.  The air conditioner can even kill the mosquitoes when it is not running, and can be operated by remote.  The AC is going for about $500, and according to studies, the TV and AC both kill up to 62 percent of mosquitoes in the room–not bad for sitting around watching the tube.

Can you think of other possible everyday devices that could be customized to repel mosquitos?

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