Scientists Discover Novel Way to Observe Insects in the Wild

Studying nocturnal insects or learning about how insects operate at night has always been a challenge.  Shining normal lights on insects in the wild will cause insects to behave in a way that is not normal, and therefore not much can be learned.  However, entomologists are now resorting to ultraviolet light to observe insects in the wild, and as a result they are learning things about their behavior that they have never known.

One insect of particular interest to entomologists is the Green Lacewigs, or more specifically their larvae.  This insect larvae has hooked jaws that they use to drain fluids out of prey, such as Beetles, Caterpillars and Aphids.

Another interesting nocturnal insect is the Luna Moth.  This moth has a 4-inch wingspan with designs on their wings that look like eyes.  These eye-like designs are apparently used to frighten predators.

What nocturnal insects do you know about and what are some interesting facts about them?

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