New Anti-Mosquito Device

A company that specializes in cutting edge methods of repelling insects has developed a new product that is just what the doctor ordered for the summer of the Zika virus.  Sterling International Incorporated is introducing an insect repellent device that you wear on your collar.

Although some may find wearing a device on your collar to be annoying or unfashionable, there is no doubt that it can successfully keep mosquitoes away and perhaps save your life.  The device emits “essential oils” that last for 48 hours if it is running non-stop, and the aroma is pleasant smelling.

The device is called the Go-clip and has been in development for several years.  The company that made the device began working on it after the Department of Defense paid the company to build an insect repellent device that soldiers could use while being deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Would you wear this insect repellent device? Does it seem more convenient than bug spray?

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