The Carpenter Ant That Has Sex While Flying

The Carpenter Ant That Has Sex While Flying

Just when you thought that you could not have any more animosity towards annoying ants it must be brought to your attention that there is such a thing as ants that can fly.  And not only ants that can fly, but ants that can have sex while flying.  This natural phenomena is known as the “nuptial flight.”

These airborne mating ants also can only fly and mate on one single day of the season.  So how do these ants know which day to join the mile high club?  Well, entomologists everywhere shrug when asked this question, but they think that the ants can sense temperature and humidity, and the day on which these ants choose to fly is likely based on their sensing these aspects of the weather.  Heat makes it easier for them to fly, and when it is humid the ground is softer for the queen’s landing.  Sounds good enough for me…

Have you ever witnessed flying ants? What did you think when you saw an ant that could fly?

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