Treating Painful Horsefly Bites

If you’ve been outside at all this summer to enjoy the beautiful weather during a picnic or enjoy the surf, sand, and sun at the beach then you’ve probably also come away with at least a few insect bites. They usually don’t cause more than mild irritation, but horseflies are one of the few that can drive some to insanity.

You first want to be able to identify the insect bite or sting. Usually they cause an itchy red bump to appear, and a small hole or the stinger may actually be visible. However, some people who are particularly sensitive may develop a bullae, a blister filled with fluid, or a weal, a circular area surrounding the bite that is filled with fluid.

Horseflies can give you a particularly nasty bite, the bumps which tend to be surrounded by weals. Since horseflies cut the skin rather than pierce it when they bite, it can take a long time to heal and possibly become infected. Horsefly bites may also cause dizziness, weakness, wheezing, or urticarial, a bunch of hives. Do not scratch the bite, as this can cause it to become infected. You can treat them with a cold compress or by washing the area with soap and water. If the bite is really bad, you can use ice to reduce the swelling, take painkillers such as Tylenol or ibuprofen, and spray the area with a medication containing local anaesthetic, antihistamine or mild hydrocortisone.

Have you ever been bitten by a horsefly? How did you treat the bite?

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