Insects That Go Incognito

Most of us are likely aware that bugs not only tremendously differ in appearance, but many particular bugs also look like inanimate objects, such as sticks or leaves.  The Praying Mantis for example, looks an awful lot like a leaf, and it easily camouflages with its surrounding for self preservation purposes.  Of course, there is also the Stick Bugs that look almost exactly like some boring stick.  Experts refer to these adaptations as “mimicked traits.”

There are two main reasons why many bugs have evolved to look like objects in their environment.  One such reason would be to ward off predators.  It would be helpful to avoid being eaten by a spider if you looked like a clump of dirt.  This type of mimicry is called “defensive mimicry.”  And the second reason for these adaptations is to fool prey into thinking that they are harmless when they are actually quite aggressive, and this type has been called “aggressive mimicry.”  These methods seem rather cowardly, but then again, insects live in a hostile world.

What insects have you seen…or barely seen…that blend in with the world around them?

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