Why Are Moths Attracted To Light?

Although moths may not seem like the most intelligent insects on the planet, you would think that they would possess the instincts necessary to prevent them from taking kamikaze dives into super hot sources of light.  However, we all know from experience that moths just don’t seem to know any better.  Why is that?

Well, science cannot answer all of life’s riddles, and the particular question posed above is no exception.  Despite not having any proof, there are plenty of plausible ideas that could explain such strange behavior.  For example, a candle flame emits infrared light that contains pheromones that happen to be similar to the pheromones emitted by female moths. Believe it or not, female moths glow when shedding their sex hormones.  Therefore, when we see a moth fly straight into a flame, we are seeing a male moth attempting to mate with a female, but needless to say this mating attempt does not work out for the male moths–talk about getting burned!

Can you think of any crazy things humans do when they are attracted to a member of the opposite sex?

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