Insects Disguised Themselves With Dead Small Insect Bodies Millions Of Years Ago

There are numerous ways in which bugs protect themselves from predators, but you may not have been aware that certain bugs drape themselves with the corpses of other dead bugs in order to hide from predators.

Researchers were already aware that this particularly bizarre method of camouflage existed.  But what has them fascinated is the fact that a prehistoric lacewig as well as an assassin bug were found in Peru enclosed in amber, and within this amber they found that these two bugs used the same method of macabre camouflage.

Researchers had previously assumed that this protective insect behavior was not nearly as old as the fossil indicates.  Not only that, but the particular bugs that were found cloaked onto the two insects were not normal inhabitants of the area, which gives them an idea of how different the environment was 130 million years ago before so many different cataclysmic global events occurred.  As a result of this new finding, scientists are paying more attention to this particular method of protection, which had not been given much attention before.

If you were a bug what type of camouflage would you have?

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