Satellites That Will Hunt Mosquitos From Space

The hunt for mosquitos has officially expanded into outer space. There’s just one catch. The Cryosat-2 satellite was actually designed to study polar ice, measuring surface heights and record the rates of change in ice thickness around the poles. However, this satellite is not always going to be traveling over the poles, so what will it be measuring when it’s not looking at the thickness of ice…mosquitos, of course.

The satellite will also travel over Africa and the Amazon Rainforest, two areas where there is not much ice to be found. So the scientists running the satellite plan on collecting data that will help them to forecast the risk of malaria in those areas. 800,000 people are killed by malaria a year, whit 90 percent of those people being from Africa, and mostly children. The satellite will be looking for and analyzing mosquito breeding groups in order to better combat them before they begin spreading malaria.

Did you know how many people were killed by malaria each year? Do you think this new satellite system could help lower that number?

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