Perhaps The Most Indignant Spider Alive!

There are some spiders that I am sure are pretty attractive to the lady spiders, but not all. For example, the bird dung spider has probably the most unfortunate adaptation known to entomologist. This spider protects itself by camouflaging itself as…well…bird feces. And what kind of a self-respecting cannibalistic spider would lower itself to consuming what looks like a heap of bird droppings?

Well the bird dung spider is built solely to hide itself by looking like a pile of collective bird droppings. I am sure that somewhere in this spider’s conscious it is asking himself, why me? However, this unfortunate creature only has to sit around looking like poop during the daytime. At night this spider gets to spin webs and catch its very own predators the old fashioned way, like other spiders. That being said, the thing still looks like a great big pile! Forget about getting dates from other sexier female spiders, I think it is fair to say that this spider has not made too many friends.

What other insects do you know of that protect themselves by looking like something else in nature?

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