Can Spiders Fly?

For the longest time researchers were certain the flight was an ability in which spiders have not nor would ever achieve. But now it seems as though this seemingly safe assumption may not be the case.

The Journal of the Royal Society Interface has recently published a study in which some spiders are capable of gliding from tree to tree by spreading out their legs to help manipulate their movements through the air. In fact many spiders that were tested for their gliding abilities in the Panamanian Jungle were even able to change directions while completely airborne. The team of researchers also found that young praying mantises and grasshoppers were capable of getting their glide on.

The researchers tested the gliding abilities of many arachnids by simply dropping them from heights ranging from 65 to 80 feet while quite possibly laughing and making silly sound effects or dramatically yelling “nooooo!” or “I can see my house from here!” Who says being a scientist cannot be fun, although this last part has not been confirmed.

What would you do if you saw a spider flying towards you?

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