The Homeless Can Catch the Zika Virus Too

The really unfair thing about mosquito-borne illnesses is that they don’t discriminate between race, social status, or what color hair you have. Anyone is fair game, and this means that those people that can’t afford insect repellent are in way more trouble than those of us that can. Think about it. A bottle of insect repellent may seem like a simple, easy thing to buy at your local drug store, but if you can’t afford to feed yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll be spending any money on bug spray. What’s even worse is that if they do happen to catch the Zika virus, their children and pregnant women are at a much greater risk of experiencing dangerous complications and even fatalities.

So, it’s nice when somebody in our often thoughtless society does take a moment to think about the people that will be fair game for blood-thirsty mosquitos this summer. A charity in Tampa, Florida has taken it upon themselves to get a bunch of bottles if insect repellent and mosquito nets and distribute these much needed items to the homeless citizens of the city.

Have you considered the danger the homeless citizens in your city or town are in from the Zika virus? Is anyone helping them there?

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