Giant House Spiders Are Becoming A Problem

The wet and warm summers in Great Britain are creating conditions that favor the gaint house spiders growth. Some GHS are growing to three inches and length, and these spiders are known to travel two feet per second. And they are not just a problem in Great Britain as they exist in the United States as well.

These house spiders prefer living indoors and have even evolved to the point of favoring indoor climates. However, GHS are beneficial as well as they are predators who kill off many other pests and are also important in keeping gardens free of many plant damaging insects.

This spider reaches maturity after two full years and can live for months on end without any sustenance. These spiders can move very quickly throughout your home looking for females as these spiders prefer the comfort of your home for mating purposes. The males of this type of spider have super long legs which are far longer than the female ensuring that they will grown in numbers if you happen to find one in your home.

Have you ever seen this spider in your house?

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