Two Entomologists Win The Golden Goose Award

 The Golden Goose Award is given to scientists whose experiments and findings are considered odd, but have nevertheless proven the test of time by yielding benefits to society. Two entomologist, both of whom are now deceased, are the most recent recipients of this rather obscure award.

The two scientists won the award for using lab techniques to make screwworm flies sterile and then for releasing them on bug populations within farmland to control bug-induced plant destruction. Screwworm flies also killed many cattle before the two scientists succeeded in controlling their populations through sterilization. The sterilized fly has saved farmers and ranchers millions of dollars. Prior to the 1960s screwworm flies were the number one menace to cattle ranchers, but thanks to the innovations of the two deceased scientists they are no longer a problem. The flies laid their eggs within the flesh of cattle, which killed the cattle within two weeks time.

Can you think of any other scientists who would deserve this award?

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