More Monuments Ruined by Insect Excrement in India

It started with the Taj Mahal. The once gleaming white marble began turning a sickly shade of green due to the increasing numbers of flying insects leaving their “deposits” (I think we can all guess what that is) on the walls. Despite workers diligently scrubbing away the bug doodoo daily, they just can’t keep up with the mass of dropping being left behind, and the Taj is slowly turning into a giant monument of poo. But, the travesty doesn’t end there.

The insect infestation is spreading, and now other monuments along the Yamuna river including the Itimad-ud-Daulah, Chini Ka Rauza and Mehtab Bagh are slowly turning green as thousands upon thousands of insects pop a squat on them every day. The increase in insect activity was found a few months ago to be because of the increased growth of algae in the river due to the stagnant water. The high level of pollution in the river, which releases a large amount of phosphorus was also connected to the growth in the insect population.

The problem gets even worse because the only way they have found to successfully eradicate the insect is by using the insecticide chloropyrophos, which they can’t use in the actual river because it would kill what little wildlife is still able to survive in its waters. So, they simply use it as best they can on the monuments themselves and hope for the best….

What do you think officials could possibly do to fix this problem? What would you suggest if you were in charge?

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