Five Star Bee Resort – Destination of the Stars

If there is such a thing as a Brad Pitt Bee Actor or perhaps a Bee version of Pink Floyd this is clearly where they would choose to stay on holiday. The Taylors of Bee Harrogate Bee Hotel, created by The Robin Collective, food futurologists based in London, is basically a luxury fly-by retreat for bees that need a little R & R.

This Bee Hotel is a mini luxury retreat down to every last detail, filled with every amenity bee stars could possibly want rendered in exquisite detail. Of course, there are many bee-specific luxury touches such as the Peppermint Leaf Gym for those bees wanting to get their sweat on during their stay. It even has workout machines designed specifically for bees. The hotel also includes the Rose Lemonade fine dining restaurant, featuring delicacies made out of pollen, as well as the Sweet Rhubarb Queen Bee Suite. This is for those bee super stars on the level of Beyonce and The Beatles. It contains rhubarb sugar water bath and a snazzy UV disco. If you’re a bee, this is the place to go to get your every need taken care of in first class style.

Have you created an insect hotel in your backyard? How are the amenities?

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