Scientists Make Flies Fall In Love By Using Lasers

As strange as it may seem many scientists want to know more about the sex life of flies. One particular group of scientists from Howard Hughes University using the cutting edge technology that is lasers to unveil some of the mysteries surrounding the love life of flies.

These scientists somehow managed to implant a protein in a particular part of a fly’s brain. They then proceeded to use an infrared laser to zap their brains. Specifically the scientists zapped the brain regions responsible for mating. What happened next involved the flies falling madly in love with whatever object was closest to them, in this studies case that object was a ball of wax. The flies showed their affection for the ball of wax while some, most likely very amused, scientists looked on to take note of the flies behavior.

It is hard to pinpoint what scientific value this experiment had, or if the scientists were simply in the mood for a good laugh. Apparently the idea behind the experiment is to gain a better understanding of human mating behavior and decision making by using the fly’s brain as a model. I guess a fly’s brain is more similar to ours than we would like to suppose.

What do you think of these free-wheeling flies?

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