Insects Are In Your Food

The next time you take a big bite out of your savory burger just realize that cow meat may not be the only source of protein in your whopper. The other source of protein comes from insects of course. Just about any type of food you can think of including canned food, peanut butter, and lettuce likely contain a small amount of insects. Not only are you eating bugs on a daily basis, but the USDA has no problem allowing food with bugs to be sold in grocery stores and restaurants.

The reason why the government does not make much of an effort to keep bugs out of your food is because eating bugs does not pose a risk to your health. The USDA is more concerned with pesticides, which is considered an adulterant while bugs are considered to be mere defects.

According to the rule books it is permissible to allow up to ten fly eggs in canned tomatoes. And it is not uncommon for frozen spinach to contain up to 50 small bug parts. But don’t worry because the USDA won’t allow for more than 20 maggots in your can of mushrooms–that doesn’t seem right.

If you knew that your canned food had bug parts in them would you throw it out? Or consume the food as long as you cannot see the bugs or their body parts?

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