Insects With Ears located On Their Knees

The Katydid, which is a relative of the cricket, hears sounds in a manner that is similar to the way in which humans hear sounds. However, these insects have ears that are located on their knees.

Locusts, crickets, and grasshoppers also have ears that are located on their knees, but a Katydid has eardrums that are located on each knee. The Katydid also has what is called an acoustic vesicle, which is exactly like a human’s cochlea only it is uncoiled. And finally the Katydid also has organs located within its acoustic vesicles that are called the Crista Acoustica. The Crista Acoustica is similar to the hair cells that we have located in our cochleas. The Crista Acoustica serves the exact same function as our hair cells, which is to analyze sound frequencies.

Scientists previously believed that our particular inner ear structure, as well as the organs found within it, only belonged to mammals. It is largely a mystery as to why the Katydid possesses acoustic organs similar to our own while so many other insects possess acoustic organs that have nothing in common with a human’s inner ear.

Is it possible that there are many other insects that have acoustic organs that are similar to the acoustic organs that humans possess, but these possible similarities are still unknown to science?

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