Cockroach Milk Will Be the Next Super Food

How do you milk a cockroach? Well, apparently it comes out of its brood sack, which is the equivalent of a human’s uterus. Somehow I don’t think this is going to be as simple as milking a cow. But, scientists are seriously looking into developing a way to mass-produce the “milk” through reverse bioengineering. They decided to take a look at what kind of nutrients it contains, and discovered some pretty amazing things.

The only cockroach that actually produces “cockroach milk” is the Pacific Beetle Cockroach. This is because it is also the only cockroach that is able to birth live babies that developed in the female’s body. Most other insects just lay eggs. So, this cockroach nourishes it’s baby with this cockroach milk. It turns out that the “milk,” which actually takes the form of protein crystals that scientists have been harvesting from the guts of baby cockroaches, is a complete food. It contains protein, sugars, lipids, and essential amino acids. What’s more is that the energy content is so high in this cockroach milk that it makes the babies of this cockroach species grow much bigger than other species of cockroach. Scientists are very interested in how it could possibly be made for human consumption. It would be the next super food! Forget blueberries or kale. Cockroach milk is where it’s at!

With the growing popularity of eating insects do you think it is possible that this cockroach milk could actually become a widely consumed product?

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