Weather Can Determine Which Bugs Become Problems For Farmers

The climate can determine which bugs become pests. For example, a drought is already problematic enough, but the dry air can bring damaging insects into the farmland. The insects that damage crops during the dry seasons are insects that are not usually seen by farmers.

While the climate is stable, and the air has a sufficient amount of moisture for crop production, farmers tend to see the usual crop eating pests, such as aphids. However, when the air is dry, water loving bugs will abandon their moist ditches and migrate into farmland. Insects like Grasshoppers and Spider Mites count as two types of insect that tend to invade farmland during the dry summer months.

The Spider Mites are usually the main offenders when it comes to crop damage. Farmers are well aware of this as they will often hire “crop consultants” during dry spells to assess whether Spider Mites pose a threat to their crops. During periods of dry weather crop eating insects may pose a greater risk to a crops survival than the dry weather itself.

Which factors of prolonged dry weather are most detrimental to a crop’s health?


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