Spider Mite Populations Increase Dramatically During August

Spider mites are arguably the most hated insect pests that farmers have to deal with, and they may be the most numerous of pests as well. However, there are ways to keep the population of spider mites down, but it takes concentration and a lot of work.

For example, the choice of insecticides needs to be carefully considered when battling spider mites. Insecticides that are labeled pyrethroids only kill all of the beneficial insects that feed on the undesirable bugs. Naturally, farmers will notice a flare up in spider mite damage when the wrong insecticides are used.

Spider mites can only thrive under hot and dry conditions. Therefore watering gardens or irrigating crops should be done with proper frequency in order to maintain a continuously wet and cool environment. A spider mite will also retain a cooler body temperature by residing underneath leaves, so making sure not to miss the spider mites favorite hangouts when spraying your garden or crop is also essential to keeping them at bay.

Do you think that rising temperatures and climate change will contribute to an increase in spider mite damage to crops?

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