Medicaid To Cover Mosquito Repellent

Following the first infant death in Texas resulting from the zika virus, the state of Texas is now granting pregnant women the privilege of obtaining mosquito repellent that is covered by medicaid. Although free mosquito repellent is meant to prevent further infections, it is debated whether or not such an act on the part of the Texas state government will do much to prevent the spread of zika.

Not only are pregnant women benefiting from this generous governmental act, but Medicaid in Texas will also begin to cover the cost of prescription repellent for all women, pregnant or not, between the ages of ten and forty five. Starting in August the Texas Health and Human Services Commission will allow women to simply walk in and pick up their complementary insecticides from centers around the state. As of august third a total of ninety cases of travel related zika cases have been documented in the state of Texas.

What are women in particular granted free insecticides to prevent zika infection? Are women at greater risk of contracting zika than men, or are they more likely to spread the disease, or neither, or both?

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