Several Different Insect Types Were Released In Restaurants

Imagine you are eating at your favorite restaurant and you notice a cockroach in your food. You would probably rethink ordering from that restaurant again. This is what immigration rights activists had in mind when they unleashed large numbers of insects in a burger chain.

Unhappy with how a popular burger chain fired large portions of their staff to be deported, several anti-deportation activists unleashed cockroaches, locusts and crickets into several of the chain’s locations. Thirty five people from Nepal, Egypt, Albania and Brazil were let go by the burger chain for presenting false immigration papers. The burger chain was acting within the bounds of the law by firing undocumented workers, but the activists clearly find these mass terminations to be inhumane. However, you have to wonder how releasing swarms of creepy crawlies into their former workplaces are going to help those who have since been fired.

Could this act of protest result in complaints from animal rights activists on account of unleashing insects into areas where they will certainly be killed?

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