People Just Don’t Like Insects In Their Food…Is This Really All That Surprising?

Some completely naïve scientists in Switzerland decided to do a study on whether people responded better to whole insects in their food or ground up insects in their food and found that they didn’t want either…what a surprise…

So, insect are way better for the Earth…that is pretty much a no-brainer at this point. Unfortunately, we humans are not incredible excited about eating them…another no-brainer, so scientists are trying to figure out how exactly to make us more open to adding these creepy crawlies to our daily food intake. Unsurprisingly, it is proving quite the challenge. Oddly enough…in a study done in Switzerland, scientists found that people were disgusted whether the insects in their food were whole or whether they were ground up into a fine powder and completely unrecognizable.

So, now they’re asking what it will take to convince people to munch on these little critters. My answer is…the end of the world.

What would it take for you to eat a bug?

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