Two Billion People Chowing On Bugs, And Not Just People

At the moment there are two billion people around the world that think insects make a pretty tasty dish, just like the title says. Africa, Asia and even a few European countries are becoming more and more comfortable with eating bugs. And even if you don’t like the idea of eating bugs, there is some value in converting bugs into foodstuffs, mainly as a method of feeding livestock.

Farm animals are not known for their picky eating habits, so force-feeding them grasshoppers is an idea that humanity should have thought of long ago. At the moment farm animals are being fed protein infused with steroids for the purposes of maximizing their growth, and therefore the majority of today’s massed produced meat poses a potential threat to the long term health of meat eaters. Given this fact, it seems like a no brainer to replace steroid laden livestock feed with protein rich insects that do not stand in need of steroid treatments. Currently, chickens are the only example of livestock being fed insects and hopefully cattle will soon follow.

Why logistical problems may arise if attempts are made to replace livestock feed with insect protein?

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