Insect Gardens Are the Hottest New Trend!

One great way to help control the pest population in your garden is to plant some flowers and herbs that attract beneficial insects that will get rid of your pests. People are now building entire insect gardens that are designed to control pests. There are a number of wineries and farms in the U.S. that have done just that and have found great success with the method of pest population control.

One example is Brooks Wines in Oregon. The winery tends to have an aphid problem that crops up in the spring and early summer. To tackle this problem they plant chamomile, dill, and golden rod to attract ladybugs, which are major predators of the aphid. They’ve also planted plants that attract bees, hover flies, parasitic wasps, and lacewings. All of these insects provide important protection from insect pests that otherwise will ruin a crop. Plus not only do you get great protection from pests, but you also have more beautiful plants to look at! Hop on this trend and add some plants that attract beneficial insects to your garden!

What plants do you grow in your garden that help control insect pest problems?

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