Popular Bed Bug Myths Busted

Bed bugs can be a scary thing. They are a nightmare to get rid of and can make you feel like your world is crawling with bugs during an infestation. However, the fear people have of bed bugs has also led to some crazy myths being circulated that turn these annoying insect pests into giant, invincible monsters with super human powers. Here are a few myths about bed bugs that you probably thought were true.

Bed bugs cannot fly or jump. Bed bugs can only crawl. However, sometimes this crawling can lead to them venturing up your walls and then falling onto places that appear to be accessible only through flight.

One myth that might make you feel as if there is no escape from these pests is that they can travel to other apartments by crawling through bath tub drain pipes. This is totally false. Bed bugs actually can’t crawl around on slippery surfaces such as glass, porcelain, or smooth plastics. Unfortunately, bed bugs can crawl under doors and walls to travel to other apartments.

Just because you have bug bites, this doesn’t automatically mean you have bed bugs. Many people immediately think they have bed bugs when they find insect bites on them that they can’t remember getting. However, many other insect bites will cause the same reaction as that of a bed bug. They only way to know for sure that your home is infested is to find the actual bug or its eggs. You also might find blood spotting on bed linens or fecal staining on your walls and furniture.

What myths have you heard about bed bugs that you know are actually false?

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