An Artist’s Love Of Bugs Inspires Arguably Unpleasant Wallpaper

An Artist’s Love Of Bugs Inspires Arguably Unpleasant Wallpaper

Not so long ago a noteworthy artist by the name of Jennifer Angus had taken it upon herself to glue dead bugs onto her wall because…you know…art….get it?! Maybe Miss Angus was experiencing an uneventful day when she decided to glue grasshoppers onto her wall for kicks, and maybe it was then that she realized she was staring at the next popular, yet  humdrum abomination of modern art. Despite being an offense to the eyes, Miss Angus did manage to take something valuable away from her disagreeable artistic work–an appreciation for bugs.

Years ago Miss Angus was contacted by a friend who had encouraged her to order dead bugs through the mail in order to use them in her art. Miss Angus’ first bug was a eupholus weevil, which turned her on to bugs for the long haul. Her enthusiasm for all bugs and everything bug related instilled in her a newfound appreciation for the environment as well as for the general welfare of all insects, big and small. Today Miss Angus works to promote insect welfare by frantically dodging every bug she encounters on the street. Well, Miss Angus’ efforts as an advocate for environmental safety and all the creatures that share in this environment may not be up to Al Gore standards, but she is trying.

How do bugs inspire you?

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