If You Have Garden Slugs And Snails Then Share Your Coffee With Them

If You Have Garden Slugs And Snails Then Share Your Coffee With Them

Snails and especially slugs are unlikeable creatures not only because they are unforgivably ugly, but also because they don’t seem to mind invading and causing all sorts of trouble in your garden. Typically gardeners would quickly deal with these creatures by picking them up and torching them, but what if you are understandably afraid of picking up either one of these slimy creatures? Well according to experts, you can just pour coffee on them, or at least around the border of your garden.

Hawaii’s US Dept. of Agriculture research was tasked with killing frogs that infest potted plants in Hawaii. What they used was a “caffeine spray” that they used to douse all those unwelcome frogs. Unfortunately, the frogs did not die, and probably got really jittery, but what the researchers did note was that all of the snails and slugs died rather quickly, and no other plants were harmed. Nobody likes wasting coffee, but if you hate the sight of slugs and snails in your garden more than you like a single cup of coffee, you may want to give this method a shot.

Would it be a smart idea to create an anti-slug/snail product that is made with caffeine?

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