The Beautiful Variety Of Bed Bug Bites

It seems the whole world is talking about bed bugs this summer. Everyone seems to have bed bug fever. A day cannot go by without reading a headline telling about a bed bug infestation in a famous tourist attraction, or an entire hotel, you name it. The summer of 2016 is the summer of bed bugs. And even though you yourself may not wake up in the morning with any bug bites, that may not be sufficient reason to believe that your dwelling is bedbug free. In fact you could be just as infested with bed bugs as that poor sap who wakes up with quarter sized red bumps all over his face and body, and this is because bed bug bites are not all uniform in appearance.

Although it is hard to believe the most common bedbug bite of all is the one that you don’t see. Or if you have really good eyesight you may notice a tiny puncture. Experts believe that between thirty and sixty percent of bedbug victims do not show any noticeable bites.

Other bedbug victims may show wheel-shaped red bumps that resemble hives only to transform into rashes with blisters later in the day after they have been bitten multiple times. These types of marks on the skin are referred to complex skin reactions.

Then there is the more rare and certainly more serious types of bed bug reactions referred to as systemic allergic reactions. These reactions can cause asthma attacks, hives and anaphylaxis. In these more serious cases constant itching is the norm and steroidal medication is normally required.

Would you consider a systemic reaction to a bed bug bite a sufficient reason to visit the emergency room?


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