Extinct Crane Fly Lands On Entomologist

A British entomologist was sent to the Atlantic island of St Helena, the one where Napoleon was exiled, in order to locate a crane fly everyone assumed was likely extinct. In an amazing stroke of luck, the crane fly flew into the entomologist car and landed on her arm. So now we know the crane fly is still around, which is pretty cool, but the island of St. Helena is a pretty amazing place, as it is contains over four hundred different invertebrate species that are found nowhere else in the world.

St. Helena is regarded as the Atlantic’s Galapagos since its ecosystem has evolved independently from the rest of the world. The visiting entomologist also became excited because she discovered numerous invertebrate species that had not been seen on the island before, and are likely invaders from other locations. If you want to experience the honor of discovering a new species of animal, and naming it after you, then just buy a ticket to St. Helena.

How could creatures that had never been on the isolated island during its long history, have made it onto the island?

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