The Insect Repellent Market Enters the World of High Fashion

With the Zika virus raging across multiple countries and continents the insect repellent industry is making a hefty profit off of people’s fear of catching the virus. Insect repellent no longer comes only in spray or lotion form. It can now be found in candles, patches, and even clothing. One company has even designed a fashion line made up entirely of insect repellent clothing. I think maybe this is getting out of control…Well, the latest fad is now a stylish insect repellent jewelry to go with that insect repellent fashion.

The jewelry company Invite Only has just released a trendy, stylish beaded insect repellent bracelet made of jade and onyx gemstones that have been infused with citronella as well as solid citronella beads and a piece of citronella encased in a silver charm that acts as the centerpiece of the bracelet. Now you can protect yourself from the Zika virus and still look good in your fashionable insect repelling outfit with matching insect repelling jewelry! What will they think of next?

What other new forms of insect repellent do you think will come out on the market as the Zika virus continues to spread?

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