Pop-Up Insect Screen/Tent Protects You From Insect and Human Pests

There is an interesting new way to protect yourself from insects while you’re enjoying the great outdoors…if you don’t really want to move around in it…or have too much social interaction with other people. Check out the Bug & Mosquito Pop-Up Screen Chair Tent! This see—through personal tent is just big enough to fit you and your folding chair (folding chair does not actually come with the screen/tent), ensuring that you are sealed off from all those annoying insects as well as the rest of the world.

This nifty insect screen tent is the perfect accessory to bring to such outdoor events as your children’s sports games (as long as you don’t mind sticking out like a freakish, agoraphobic sore thumb horribly embarrassing said offspring) and picnics (where you’ll be cut off from insect pests and all of your friends and family). Rule your own perfect insect-free kingdom right from your regal throne (lawn chair). This is the perfect alternative for anyone that hates taking mere minutes to spray on some insect-repellent …

Do you know of any ridiculous inventions designed to protect humans from insects?

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Smithereen Pest Management provides IPM pest services to residential and commercial clients in Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri. http://www.smithereen.com/
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