Dengue Fever Could Worsen Cardiac Problems

Given the tremendous amount of attention that has been given to Zika many people may not recall, or even know, that mosquitoes transmit a variety of other diseases as well, and Zika is not even close to being the most devastating insect-borne infection. Mosquitoes also transmit Malaria, the West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever. Dengue fever alone kills twenty five thousand people per year, and a new study is suggesting that having Dengue Fever may be much more dangerous for cardiac patients.

According to a study conducted by Fortis Healthcare many victims of dengue fever show irregular heart function according to electrocardiograph (ECG) readings. Dengue victims with no history of cardiac issues still showed a change in ECG readings upon arrival at a hospital. This is the first time science has understood dengue’s greater danger for those with heart ailments. However, if prior cardiac problems are promptly reported to doctors early enough cardiac complication can be averted in those with dengue fever.

Why did doctors not notice this rather glaring fact sooner?

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