Snails Think Using Only Two Brain Cells

Many people just assume that a simple tiny snail is dumb, and they would be right, as researchers have recently discovered that snails make decisions with the assistance of only two brain cells.

Researchers determined that one of the two cells communicates hunger to the snail while the other cell communicates the presence of food. The researchers gathered data on the snail’s brain activity while the snail was approaching a piece of lettuce. The research team believes that this discovery could help engineers construct robots that demonstrate artificial intelligence. Since a snail can function using only two brain cells, then researchers learn to create “robot brains” using the fewest amount of components. The researchers were further assisted by their ability to ascertain how much energy the snail consumed when using its two brain cells. The study can also help scientists discover the underlying neural structures responsible for complex tasks in humans.

Do you think that the snails use two brain cells to complete tasks other than seeking food?

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