The Zika Threat At Miami Beach Worsens

The Florida Department of Health recently expanded the transmission zone on Miami Beach. The new transmission zone includes 4.5 square miles as opposed to the 1.5 square miles that was previously designated as a transmission zone.

The new zone was created by the Department of Health after another two individuals started to experience symptoms of Zika in areas of the beach that were outside the initial transmission zone. Now the number of non-travel related cases of Zika on Miami Beach is up to thirty five. However, due to extreme mosquito control measures in the Wynwood area of Miami, the transmission zone will be lifted in that area. The successful measures taken against Zika in the Wynwood area of Miami prove that if the government and the citizens work together to prevent the further spread of Zika then the virus could possibly be eradicated.

So far which method of containing Zika has proven to be most effective?

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