United Nations Warns World About The Decreasing Flying Insect Community

The United Nations put together a panel of experts to assess the seriousness of the rapidly decreasing populations of pollinating insects. A world where some of the most important pollinating species of insects have gone extinct is a world with an unhealthy ecosystem.

Seventy five percent of the world’s food crops depend on some type of pollination from at least one of the twenty thousand species of pollinators. Forty percent of invertebrate pollinator species, such as butterflies and bees, face extinction, and even sixteen percent of the world’s vertebrate pollinators face extinction. Removing just one pollinating species from an ecosystem can degrade the functioning of the ecosystem.

The volume of all agricultural production that has taken place over the last fifty years has increased by three hundred percent. At least ninety percent of all flowering plants depend on some form of pollination. And pollination is where much of the nutrients in food come from, so people’s level of health would decline. Experts at the UN believe that reversing the decline of pollinating insect populations will require a global effort.

How could the UN prevent any further loss of bees and/or their eventual extinction? Why are bees going extinct?

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