Del Monte Canned Spinach Packs a Little Added Protein

One of the things about eating canned food as opposed to fresh food, especially organic, is you don’t usually have to worry about finding any creepy crawlies in your food. I’ve had a number of experiences finding a little bug wedged inside an organic artichoke or some bug guts tucked away in the leaves of some lettuce. I generally feel safe with a can of something like spinach, though. Well, it turns out that nowhere is safe when it comes to insects popping up in your food.

A woman was sitting down to enjoy a nice healthy meal with her daughter when she noticed what looked like a praying mantis amidst the spinach on her daughter’s fork. The green and brown mantis blended in perfectly with the cooked spinach. Thankfully, she saved her daughter just in the nick of time from inserting her fork into her mouth and munching down on some bug protein as well as her spinach. So, where had the critter come from? The culprit turned out to be a can of Del Monte canned spinach. Understandably, neither the mother nor the daughter wants to eat anything out of a can ever again. When the mother reported the incident to Del Monte all they got for their ordeal was an apology and $20. This mom isn’t satisfied with this kind of brush off, however, and wants to fight to see better quality control rules set in place to prevent this kind of contamination.

Have you or a friend ever found an insect in your food, whether it was canned or fresh? What kind of action do you think will need to be taken against companies that sell these products to get them to improve their quality control when it comes to their food products?

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