Ants Are The First Invertebrates To Take Drugs For Fun

In an effort to gain a better understanding of how drug addiction functions on a neurological level scientists study the brains of ants.  Luckily for scientists drug addiction is now easy to study in insects because the fact that ants have neurological pathways similar to mammals has been proven.

Studying ants is even more beneficial than using rats as a model. This is due to the fact that ants are quite similar to humans socially, whereas rats are significantly different. When it comes to observing the effects that drugs have on an ant’s ability to function socially, humans can learn much more about how drugs affect their own social functioning.

Researchers took note of the much greater number of ants that clamor towards the source of morphine than the number of ants that make visits to the source of sugar water. The researchers then used advanced techniques to observe the levels of the pleasure and reward chemical dopamine. Understandable the junkie ants showed much higher levels of dopamine. It is likely that even ants can ruin their lives with drugs.

Do you think that nearly every type of animal can become intoxicated by drugs use?

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