Ant’s Can Show The Decency Of Maintaining A Toilet Just As Humans Can

Insects are also in the habit of keeping their waste in one spot. Science has just discovered that black garden ants keep bug-sized toilets in their underground networks.

It is not too surprising to learn that ants keep toilets in their underground burrows since there are so many of them that it is important for them to stay organized. Even ants can catch a fecal related disease, which is another good reason to maintain ant bathrooms, so to speak.

A German researcher looking at the behavior of the garden ant stresses how important keeping tidy is for ants. Ants are not tidy because they enjoy it; rather they are tidy because there is a selective advantage to being tidy, especially with something as potentially dangerous as feces. Unlike ants, there are a few types of bugs, like termites, that produce waste with antimicrobial properties, which helps keep members of their colony clean.

Is separating waste from other living materials a type of animal behavior that becomes more prevalent the more advanced the organism is?

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