Bed Bugs Not Seen For Sixty Years Are Making A Comeback

Until recently it was thought that the bed bug known as cimex lectularius was the only bed bug that could be found on American soil. With the recent discovery of two different tropical bed bugs in Florida, entomologists now know that the common bed bug is not the only bed bug on the block anymore.

There are several reports of tropical bed bug infestations that date back to the thirties and forties in Florida, but after the forties, nothing could be found, suggesting that tropical bed bugs had disappeared. The more common bed bug thrives in temperate climates. The tropical bed bug, on the other hand, requires a tropical climate, just as their name suggests. Hopefully, the tropical bed bug will not find a home in the US beyond Florida. At the moment there is still very little known about the tropical bed bug.

Have you ever seen bed bugs on your bed? Or were the bugs too small to be seen?

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