Bed Bugs Are Becoming More Numerous

Pest control professionals are claiming that calls made over bed bugs have doubled recently. One popular insect pest extermination company has reported a one hundred and forty percent increase in the amount of inquiries made about bed bugs during the past summer. Compared to September of last year bed bug complaints have increased by two hundred and seventeen percent.

The reason for the dramatic increase in bed bug related issues is likely due to the boost in international travel during the 2016 year. This would explain why the UK is having such a hard time with bed bugs. Bed bugs are now a big problem in Britain, whereas before Britain was not terribly familiar with the bedbug. The hospitality industry is also reporting a large number of bed bug issues, which makes sense given the high turnover rate in the hospitality industry. In any case the bed bugs issue may get out of hand soon since bed bugs are beginning to show resistance to pest control chemicals, and there are generally more problems than solutions when it comes to bed bug control.

Do you know anybody who has experienced bed bug related problems this year? Does it seem like more people than normal are being visited by bed bugs?

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