DARPA Has Finally Settled On Insects As Primary Weapon Against Crop Death

For decades the government of the United States has been hard pressed to single out the best defense against crop-eating insect-pests. It is not that the government does not have enough defensive options to choose from in the war against costly insect-pests, rather which option will work best and for the longest period of time is what experts have spent decades trying to determine. Finally the solution to the problem of mass crop death seems to be bugs. Essentially, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is going to save American crops by making bugs their primary tool to kill other crop-eating bugs.

DARPA is aiming to create a system in which bugs transmit a virus to mature plants. The virus will then act as a barrier keeping insect-pests away from the plant. However, DARPA is not exactly ready to tackle this challenge, as DARPA still needs to figure out how to make the virus functional as an insecticide within one growing season. Also, DARPA still has not developed a particular virus that can do the job. For these reasons DARPA is currently looking to recruit anyone who has the knowledge to contribute to this complex task. So if you are a researcher, or science is just a major hobby of yours, you may want to visit DARPA’s website to see if perhaps you have the right stuff.

Do you think DARPA’s plan is feasible? Do you think that DARPA overlooked more effective and less costly methods of preventing crop death?

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